Εμφάνιση Πλήρους Έκδοσης : SiNG Party

01-11-2012, 13:20

Κλεμένο OP από NeoGAF, μετάφραση αργότερα.

Release in Europe: January 18th 2013
Party Mode: Singer with mic and GamePad in hand. Receives lyrics and instructions on how to improve his/her performance
Other players get dance and sing instructions on the TV to participate
Other players can also use Wiimotes to create sounds e.g. cow bell or tambourine
Sing Mode: Lyrics on the TV. Pitch, volume and voice feeling or something like that will be analyzed. Sing alone or with a partner in a duet. There is also the option for a harmonic duet. Audience can create the playlist with the GamePad while the others sing. GamePad can also be used as a mixer to for example mute the melody while doing an a capella section. You can also change the volume of the main singer and add hall effects.
Team Mode: Competition at its best. Singing duels in different modes. Fight for the best solo performance or try it with singing with pop groups. The (impartial) audience can vote on the performance on the GamePad.
Practice Mode: Train sections from the songs. Choose the sections on the GamePad and let them run continuously.
Accomplishments: For extraordinary song performances there will be Accomplishments (says Auszeichnungen in German), which will be visible to all of your friends in the Miiverse.
Game will launch with a mic, second mic to be sold seperately. Developer is FreeStyleGames.
Songs: „Call Me Maybe“ by Carly Rae Jepsen, „Glad You Came“ by The Wanted, „I’m Yours“ by Jason Mraz and „Just A Kiss“ by Lady Antebellum with Pop-Classics such as „Don’t Stop Me Now“ by Queen, „You Can’t Hurry Love“ by Supremes or the Jackson-5-Hit „I Want You Back“ AND MORE!. Additional songs will be available after the launch as DLC.

with Pop-Classics such as „Don’t Stop Me Now“ by Queen

Day #0.

Α, και επίσημα πλέον τα Accomplishments.

01-11-2012, 18:26
Πρέπει να έχει τρελό χαβαλέ και γέλιο και όσο πιό πολλά άτομα τόσο πιο καλά έ ρε ντομάτα που έχει να πέσει :tongue_smilie: