Εμφάνιση Πλήρους Έκδοσης : Utacchi

17-02-2010, 19:37
At long last, Konami has opened the site of its new pop'n music spinoff, Utacchi

The site has a surprisingly large amount of details about how the gameplay works, refreshing since we only had a vague notion of what the game was until this point. As you might expect, Utacchi comes with a variety of modes to play with.

For standard single player mode, players simply choose their song and jump right into the gameplay. The gameplay involves hitting different notes as they fall down the screen in time with the music (big shocker). Different notes include "Normal" notes, where the player simply taps the note with their stylus as the note reaches the target zone, "Long notes", where the players need to press and hold the stylus when the note reaches the target zone (think DDR freeze arrows or IIDX charge notes), and "Long Scrub notes", where the player must rub the stylus up and down the note when it reaches the target zone.

Other single play modes include Campaign mode, where players can unlock new songs, and Voice/Karaoke modes which involved the player singing the song while they play.

If you and your friends gather up your Nintendo DS together, you can enjoy modes like "Battle Mode", "Ojama Battle Mode", "Unison Mode", and "Session Mode".

Be sure to check out the official site for video clips, screenshots, and much more visual documentation on how the game works. This Nintendo DS game will sell in Japan starting on February 25th.

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