Quick Match, single-player

– Tokyo 2020 Events (21 games)
– Dream Events (3 games)
– Tokyo 1964 Events (10 games)
– Button controls are available for all games

Quick Match, multiplayer

– All games can be played in either TV mode or Tabletop mode with 2 to 4 players
– Some games are cooperative

Story Mode

– Retro game system sucks in Mario, Sonic, and Toad
– Luigi and Tails try to save them
– Experience a new story

Local Wireless

– All games can be played with 2 to 4 players

Online, Ranked Match

– 2 to 8 players
– Can play Tokyo 2020 Events or Dream Events
– Players are rated based on their wins/losses, so players at the same skill level will be matched up

Online, Non-ranked Match

– 2 to 4 players
– Choose a game and play with others
– Or play multiple games one after another with the same players
– The game will be chosen at random, if the players do not reach a consensus

Online Leaderboards

– Check rankings by ratings and competition record

My Data

– Game House: You can play any game you’ve beaten in story mode here
– Tournament Results: Access obtained medals, internet rankings and records for each game
– Achievements: Access results from challenges
– Trivia: Access trivia learned from Story Mode
– Options: Customize your character, icon, sound settings and language settings when playing online
– Credits: View the staff credits for the game

Dream Events

– Pretend events created with Mario and Sonic’s unique gameplay and world in consideration
– Dream Shooting, Dream Racing, Dream Karate confirmed
– Only Dream Shooting has been detailed thus far

Dream Shooting

– 4 player shooter
– “Free-for-all” or “Team Battle”
– Fire acorns at targets to get points
– The stage is based on carnival Fun Houses, so it has a lot of tricks and traps: shoot switches to open/close doors, hidden targets, etc.
– Extra points can be earned by comboing targets
– When the huge Japanese kite appears, you can score extra points
– There is an item called the “multi-shot”; using it on the kite will net you a high score